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Each of these Farms and Ranches are direct to consumer.

Buddy’s Pecans

We offer raw (halves and pieces), roasted, and spiced pecans along with cracked pecans. All products are made to order to guarantee the freshest product possible. Shop our store to enjoy Buddy’s Pecans.

Midland Meat

Midland Meat Co. is a full service meat market in Midland, Texas, providing only the highest quality of meat, chicken, pork, seafood, and exotics. 

Green Gate Farms

Long before we started a nonprofit — New Farm Institute — to advance farm-based education initiatives, our farm has been seeking to provide what our neighbors need.

Schulte Beef

Schulte Beef cattle are raised locally on a third generation ranch just outside Nazareth, TX. They’re located in the panhandle, with a population of 300

dEfaid Emporium

We opened in 2018 as a way to sell our private labeled products, but we quickly expanded to include items from all around the Lone Star State.

Bull Dancer Bison Ranch

We are a small family owned Texas ranch that 
raises America’s Original Red Meat, “Bison”, for a health conscious consuming society!

4B Meats

The idea of bringing a high quality, healthy, and all-natural culinary special to every kind of people was the seed fueled by the support of family and friends and quite a little faith.

Munkebo Farm

We adhere to Permaculture methods as closely as possible. We have permanent 4′ rows that are heavily mulched to keep down weeds and prevent water loss.

Schleicher Rambouillet

 The Edmiston family has gone to great lengths to produce the best quality fleece product, given the dry, arid conditions of the ranch land.

Amigos Compost

At Amigos Compost, we pride ourselves on being a top-quality composting company. The first step in our process is to process the best compost possible. 

TriTails Premium Beef

Your complete satisfaction with your TriTails Premium Beef order is our first priority.


Lone Star Family Farms

Lone Star Family Farms is devoted to the profitable and efficient production of high-yield crops and premium seed products 


Hefley Hives

Hefley Hives is a beekeeping operation based out of Amarillo, Texas that raises and keeps honey bees primarily for honey production and local pollination. We offer 100% PURE, RAW, and LOCAL HONEY made only by honey bees in the Texas Panhandle.