Welcome to TXAGDirect.com!

These are unprecedented times, but if there’s one thing we know it’s that when times get tough, Texans get resourceful. Which is why we’re cutting out the middleman to bring consumers directly to the men and women who grow our food and fiber in the State of Texas.
At AlphaMedia Amarillo we believe in supporting our local communities, and that includes our hard working farmers and ranchers. We care about making a positive impact in the lives of these families, and this is our small contribution to making that happen. We have compiled a list of farms and ranches across the Great State of Texas that consumers can buy direct from. We’re working everyday to expand our list and the products offered. Please, browse the sight for the fresh produce, fleece, pecans or any other AG product our state is famous for growing! Yes, Texans get resourceful during uncertain times, but we also take care of our own. Let’s come together as a community to help our local AG businesses! Thank you for visiting and happy searching! Let us know on social media about the amazing products you have found!
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